What is RemitLite?

RemitLite is a simple online money transfer service which ensures money is transferred efficiently and in a transparent manner. It keeps things simple and thereby offers a speedy solution. Backed by TOM Technology Services Private Limited, the global expert in online cross border payments for over a decade and Karnataka Bank, India's leading 'Private Sector' banks which has been serving customers for over 9 decades, it promises to deliver a trustworthy, cost effective and friendly service to an Indian in United States.

Who can use RemitLite?

RemitLite can be used by non-resident Indian who wants to send money from his/her bank account in United States to India. The recipient beneficiary account should be an Indian Bank Account. The recipient will always receive the money in Indian Rupees. 

How is RemitLite safe?

When you pay through RemitLite, the money is transferred through the Automated Clearing Mechanism/Electronic Clearing System in your country to the designated account held and operated by Karnataka Bank. Thus, the money always moves within the banking system. All transactions and information exchanges happen on fully secure encrypted lines, and your data is stored on servers that are protected by advanced firewalls which have undergone extensive security tests. We realize your privacy and security is very important to us at RemitLite. We are Norton Secured. This means that your private information is secured using SSL Certificate. Norton Secured Seal represents the highest security safety rating provided by Norton. Additional information on the site is verified: validated as a legal business, uses VeriSign SSL and passes a daily web site malware scan.

How do I register for RemitLite?

To register for RemitLite, you shall require filling an online registration form and creating your own Login ID so as to start enjoying the services. Click here to open your own RemitLite account today! Or Click Join Us in the top Navigation Panel on the website.
Receiving Money:

What are the options available for beneficiary to receive money in India?

Account credit – Money would be directly credited into bank account in India through NEFT. Click here to view the List of Banks available

Can I send money to current/checking bank account in India?

Currently you can only transfer money into savings account or Non-Resident Account

How do I know that money has reached my beneficiary?

The status of your remittance request will get updated on the 'Tracker' at every stage.

Can I transfer funds to a beneficiary's credit card?

No. Transfer can happen only to an account.
Exchange rate:

What is the exchange rate applied to my money transfer request?

For transaction booked through ACH Pay Mode: The exchange rate applied to your money transfer request will be at the time of converting your money. This rate is different from the indicative rate which you see at the time of initiating the request.

What is indicative exchange rate?

The rate which is displayed in the exchange rate table is an indicative rate which assists you in arriving at an approximate value of your transfer.
Goods and services tax:

Goods and services tax is applicable?

GST is recoverable from any foreign currency transfer into India.
Up to Rs. 1,00,000 INR 1,00,000 to INR 10,00,000 INR 10,00,000 above
0.18% of the gross amount of currency exchanged subject to the minimum tax of Rs 45 Rs 180 +0.09% of the gross amount of currency exchanged for an amount of rupees exceeding Rs 100,000/ Rs 990+0.018% of the gross amount of currency exchanged for an amount of rupees exceeding Rs 10,00,000/, subject to maximum amount of Rs 10,800/

*The goods and services tax of 18% will be applicable for all the transactions processed from 1st July 2017.


What if my beneficiary does not receive money after the TAT is over?

In case status of your transfer is displayed as 'Sent to beneficiary' and your beneficiary has not yet received the money, please write to us at mentioning your remittance reference number.

Whom should I contact in case of any help or clarifications?

Should you require any assistance, you can write to us at
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